The Self-Healing Smartphones!

19 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
2 484 861 वेळा पाहिला

Welcome to 6 of the rarest smartphones around, including foldable and Self-Healing Phones, and why each of them failed!
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  • For my Top smartphones of the Year video (Probably the best video I've made!): Also please excuse the excessive smoke in this video, decided to try a new smoke machine but ended up getting a bit carried away 😂

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss13 दिवसांपूर्वी
    • How much for it?

      Zeus CivilianZeus Civilianदिवसापूर्वी
    • Mrimtheboss

      awesome animeawesome animeदिवसापूर्वी
    • Where did you get Mr. who’s the boss

      JustsomepenguinJustsomepenguin4 दिवसांपूर्वी
    • I would like to have a smartphone that right out the box you don't need a case or screen protector.. no cracks no dents no shattering

      Brand LeeBrand Lee4 दिवसांपूर्वी
    • Could you give me the name of the font which you used at the beginning with the blue margin, pls?

      MrGermanyHDMrGermanyHD5 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • I don't care i have a cover on so i can not see shit but plutonium 225 dat do nicely a good dose of gama rays avry morning 😁

    arnespon1arnespon148 मिनिटांपूर्वी
  • 4023:phones

    Emre KaçmazEmre Kaçmazतासापूर्वी
  • why did nobody get the google phone cuz youre not supposed to buy a phone from gOoGlE same for LG

    A human On earthA human On earthतासापूर्वी
  • I would buy the pg g flex if they sell it again now with the new model

    akage tobimaruakage tobimaruतासापूर्वी
  • i owned the moto z for a couple of;s battery was so tightly squeezed that it overheated and expanded very soon .although great display and stock android made it blazing fast. not missing it battery life sucked.

    Tzimhs C'monTzimhs C'mon2 तासांपूर्वी
  • Self using smart phone is the best

    Minecraft TiktokMinecraft Tiktok2 तासांपूर्वी
  • 2:09 I don’t know why but I heard a Nintendo ds

    Clara WolfeClara Wolfe2 तासांपूर्वी
  • I'd actually like to see a rubber based texture on phones so we wouldn't need cases anymore. All phones look the same once they're inside the case which kind of neutralizes the housing materials.

    Harry MathewHarry Mathew2 तासांपूर्वी
  • I would like a diamond made phone

    Eleven ThusEleven Thus3 तासांपूर्वी
  • 10:07 copper cuz cooling :)

    SK SlavSK Slav3 तासांपूर्वी
  • I got hehe boi vibes at the way he rubbed that phoneXD

    Karthik ShriramKarthik Shriram4 तासांपूर्वी
  • THE LG G flex i dis-like the curve on the phone as it looks stupid

    beast paul gamingbeast paul gaming4 तासांपूर्वी
  • M. It

    hikuqzzhikuqzz4 तासांपूर्वी
  • Self iphobe

    KoblížekkKoblížekk4 तासांपूर्वी
  • Aluminum finish for me.

    Ron NorRon Nor4 तासांपूर्वी
  • If there's a real smart healing smart phone it will be the end of JerryRigEverything career

    Alan MayfieldAlan Mayfield4 तासांपूर्वी
  • Metal

    syed maddysyed maddy4 तासांपूर्वी
  • if u wanna see intro 8:00 thank me later

    SaausSaaus5 तासांपूर्वी
  • 2:08 it's just a 3ds LOL

    GujdidbxGujdidbx5 तासांपूर्वी
  • LG G Flex is the most adorable practical idea.

    Dhanar PutraDhanar Putra6 तासांपूर्वी
  • Is it just me or foldable x really appealing

    Rayno CWHRayno CWH6 तासांपूर्वी
  • I just realised my phone is 6mm thick

  • well i can watch movie or videos and on other screen i can chat,fb scrolling etc.

    monjurul abidapmonjurul abidap6 तासांपूर्वी
  • Metal back with wireless charging and a removable battery flat screen

    dustin owendustin owen8 तासांपूर्वी
  • I loved my lg g flex 2 if it wasn't for the software issue I would have used for more years

    Brian MendozaBrian Mendoza8 तासांपूर्वी
  • F

    Red CapsRed Caps9 तासांपूर्वी
  • material of choice for me? graphene :)

    Peter de CroosPeter de Croos9 तासांपूर्वी
  • 2080: SELF-Making-Phone

    RBHakushoRBHakusho10 तासांपूर्वी
  • Had to go fancy with the thumbnail

    GiedriusLTUGiedriusLTU11 तासांपूर्वी
  • 2070: Self healing Human

    Juraimy Airline Manager 2020Juraimy Airline Manager 202011 तासांपूर्वी
  • I tried this with my phone . A PLASTIC KNIFE CRACKED MY IPHONE BRUH

    KLxSHMoŔÎKLxSHMoŔÎ12 तासांपूर्वी
  • Self Living Broken Phone When Cut in half

    TeshabTeshab12 तासांपूर्वी
  • 2100: flat smartphones

    Sonic PlaysSonic Plays12 तासांपूर्वी
  • ;-; I've always wanted that ZTE Axon. one day i shall have it... perhaps when it is extremely outdated and useless

    CerealUnicorn13CerealUnicorn1315 तासांपूर्वी
  • never though i'll see or hear lg g flex again in 2020

    EzraEzra15 तासांपूर्वी
  • Jerryrigeverything: "light scratches on 6, with deeper grooves on 7, wait, no, light scratches on 7, oh god"

    dcoog anmldcoog anml15 तासांपूर्वी
  • Your voice relieves the pain and making the video relaxing for me.

    B13. Patayon, Ralph Algin Q.B13. Patayon, Ralph Algin Q.15 तासांपूर्वी
  • My opinion is diamond

    Scepter GamingScepter Gaming17 तासांपूर्वी
    • LG Flex ... I really love the concept ...

      dcoog anmldcoog anml15 तासांपूर्वी
  • I like plastic back... Cause I am a rough user without any care for my phone. So glass bach won't work and metal would be heavy.

    Aditya DasAditya Das17 तासांपूर्वी
  • Honestly, my ideal finish would be a tungsten finish due to the fact that it's very resistant to scratching, with aerogel in between the tungsten backing and the components themselves.

    MayravixxMayravixx17 तासांपूर्वी
  • what will u do will all the other phones ??

    Harjeeth BTHarjeeth BT17 तासांपूर्वी
  • the LG G flex is flexing on us ;-;

    HowDoIPlayMC707HowDoIPlayMC70718 तासांपूर्वी
  • i own a yota 3+ its godly for gaming believe it or not

  • 7:26 Wasn't it so that it would sit better in the back pocket of your pants? Yeah, I do remember it being marketed for that very reason. It was curved for your ass. Your hands aren't "curved" and neither is your face, really... But your ass sure is curved!

    PoodleinacanPoodleinacan19 तासांपूर्वी
  • My phone made out of diamond in my dreams

    jay vermajay verma21 तासापूर्वी
  • carbon fiber finish

    stormcloudstormcloud21 तासापूर्वी
  • 2020 you use phone 3030 phone uses you

    Peter MoroPeter Moro22 तासांपूर्वी
  • Human skin for the finish

    Darkstalker 09Darkstalker 0923 तासांपूर्वी
  • Sapphire screen... Titanium case...

    Sam The hiking manSam The hiking man23 तासांपूर्वी
  • people buy more than one monitor though

    Bear WestonBear Westonदिवसापूर्वी
  • 0:26 He has already opened that box. Why would he do it again? Lol🤣🤣🤣

    Big Daddy RiftyBig Daddy Riftyदिवसापूर्वी
  • dude in the lg flex phones they tell you that they can heal light scratches from keys in your pocket coins and staff like that not from a really sarp knife plus you almost gutt the phone so i dont think than that gonna get healed and i dont think its the companys fault or it didnt do the thing they say it does...

  • LG Flex ... I really love the concept ...

    Dhiraj ChaudhariDhiraj Chaudhariदिवसापूर्वी
  • My ideal smarthone would be a titanium encased waterproof, and self healing modular design which allows for modifications to some extent, maybe even custom made by users, such as a port for a battery extension of a gfx bundle that could be attached to the back of it after unscrewing some panels

  • Phone Snob: Glass is way better than plastic! It feels better in the hand. ::10 seconds later:: *Slaps plastic case on glass phone*

    Fernando DeschapellFernando Deschapellदिवसापूर्वी
  • 0:28 Did anyone else notice the box was already open? 🤣

  • 2:39.....Kurzgesagt video... JUST A JOKE

    Tahmid Nasir ShababTahmid Nasir Shababदिवसापूर्वी
  • Hi

    Fret NFret Nदिवसापूर्वी
  • comes over and stabs his phone, Oh no, that's bad

    Stephen and Owen JonesStephen and Owen Jonesदिवसापूर्वी
  • glass

    Raven’s ClawRaven’s Clawदिवसापूर्वी
  • 07:44 thank me never… just like😁

    Crusty CheeseCrusty Cheeseदिवसापूर्वी
    • Ty

  • Titanium back finish 😂😂

    Devanshu RathodDevanshu Rathodदिवसापूर्वी
  • Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.

    Ven UyiVen Uyiदिवसापूर्वी
  • Does anyone ever tell you that you resemble Raj from the big bang theory?

    Andre BrownAndre Brownदिवसापूर्वी
  • A removable back

    plopter Jonesplopter Jonesदिवसापूर्वी
  • When you realize your phone heals faster than you lol

    Austin VerduinAustin Verduinदिवसापूर्वी
  • Glass is premium, but a self healing phone would've been awesome

    Just GogaloJust Gogaloदिवसापूर्वी
  • Ray Mak be like: My phone also heals when I don't post shit

    C OC Oदिवसापूर्वी
  • 8:03 is when he cuts it for anyone in a hurry

    -Kiwi A.--Kiwi A.-दिवसापूर्वी
  • What do u do with the phones after the videos????

    Aaa aaAaa aaदिवसापूर्वी
  • Everybody gangsta till tony stark creates a nanobot phone

  • i use my bended a20s

    Nas AbrarNas Abrarदिवसापूर्वी
  • I always wait for the end credit music 🎵🎶

    Pentagon EDMPentagon EDMदिवसापूर्वी
  • Metal

  • I read it "self-heating smartphones" and was like what's the point.

  • Please giveaway all the phones 😭😭😭

    Museb SayyedMuseb Sayyedदिवसापूर्वी
  • Platinum

  • Aaron for me the best one would be fibre which are nowadays used in specs.

    ĶÏŃĞ 06ĶÏŃĞ 06दिवसापूर्वी
  • Probably the tech that will be available in 2028 in my country

    Omkar ShindeOmkar Shindeदिवसापूर्वी
  • You came here for 7:44 :)

    sanjith Roysanjith Royदिवसापूर्वी
  • which county r u from me fan from BANGLADESH

    Shuvo joti ghoshShuvo joti ghoshदिवसापूर्वी
  • great

    Shuvo joti ghoshShuvo joti ghoshदिवसापूर्वी
  • Carbon fiber would be my pick to be honest, it's light and very durable

    kody housh:/\kody housh:/\दिवसापूर्वी
  • 2100: Yet another smartphone

  • Minecraft tutorials app and another app?

  • I can play minecraft AND roblox?

  • The G Flex reminds me of my first smartphone - the LG Spirit. Slightly curved, but it was mostly just the back near the corners, and the panel gap on the sides. The screen was barely curved, but it retailed at only 269 AUD. Ran like crap.

  • these phone have mending enchantment with them, if you are minecraft gamer then you can understand 😂😂😂

    himank gaminghimank gamingदिवसापूर्वी
    • I show you Self healing phones .... No wait ..I won't

      soiung toiuesoiung toiueदिवसापूर्वी
  • 0:28 seal was already broken...

    Parbat LuitelParbat Luitelदिवसापूर्वी
    • I have g flex 2. And I still love it.

      soiung toiuesoiung toiueदिवसापूर्वी
  • I want to straighten that !

    Saksham SinghSaksham Singhदिवसापूर्वी
  • Make Armour with this

    mattygamer boi 06mattygamer boi 06दिवसापूर्वी
  • The real reason the self healing smartphone failed is because the company realized they could make more money if their phones break after a year and consumers have to buy a new one.

    Jelly JoeJelly Joeदिवसापूर्वी
  • wow, I was here for a self-healing phone, but this is better

    Shadowshard foxShadowshard foxदिवसापूर्वी
  • Dude i know this isnt relevant but i love your accent and voice, its so soothing

  • I’m watching on an iPhone 7- To close to being bendable

    awesome animeawesome animeदिवसापूर्वी
  • i cringed every tine he scracked the g flex phones JUST MAKE A SMALLER SCRACH

    Shannon MurphyShannon Murphyदिवसापूर्वी
  • For the 1% people who see this, god bless you and stay safe. You are a smart and awesome person.💓

    Pearl of the InternetPearl of the Internetदिवसापूर्वी
    • You too

      ﴾ ﴾ ﴾ ﴾ ༻ ༻ ༻ ༻﴾ ﴾ ﴾ ﴾ ༻ ༻ ༻ ༻3 तासांपूर्वी
    • Thanks

      ﴾ ﴾ ﴾ ﴾ ༻ ༻ ༻ ༻﴾ ﴾ ﴾ ﴾ ༻ ༻ ༻ ༻3 तासांपूर्वी
  • My ideal phone finish would be obsidian and 2nd diamond 😎😎

    Chantre ShadapChantre Shadapदिवसापूर्वी
  • Self healing phone case. That would be a big seller. Or self healing screen protector, that would be even better, no more annoying scratches from keys.

    Chit with a CChit with a Cदिवसापूर्वी